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Who is Pablo Manzarek?

Pablo Manzarek has been creating electronic music since the early 90's.
He has a vast knowledge of audio/sequencing software and hardware,
as well as possessing the ability to play drums, keyboards, and string instruments.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, son of Ray Manzarek; keyboardist of The Doors.
Pablo has a history in music, and since his childhood has felt its influence.

Where can I see them perform?

The best place to see TRIPFORM is on Youtube.
Their newest creations often show up there first!
Until the lockdowns clear up.

(click on the YouTube image)

Do you realize how old this website looks?

Yes! Thanks for noticing! This is done on purpose!
Way back in the day websites used to looked like this!
It's be fun to make a site like this again using 1990s html.